Hello again!

This week the YogaSlackers Sam and Kathryn made a stop in Asheville and gave me the chance to do some out of the ordinary portraits. The YogaSlackers are a group of my friends that have found balance in slacking. They travel the world doing expedition style adventure races, teaching yoga slack lining and acro-yoga, as well as just doing good.

Initially I had big plans for portraits in the yoga studio with high ceilings and hardwood floors. When I found out they decided to move the workshop they were doing outside it was time to get creative. After spending a few hours watching them set up and start teaching I knew what photos I wanted to capture and just where to photograph them. My house sits quite literally on the side of a mountain and we have a HUGE window that faces east. Every afternoon when the sun sets I watch as the mountain to the east is basked in this beautiful enveloping warm light. Every afternoon I think to myself how can I use that in a photograph. The only problem is the light is available for about 10 minutes before its gone and the mountain is lit with only the afterglow of the sky. After dinner I quickly set up my lights and got to work. It was no easy task, I had one light mounted 10 feet up in a tree, another on a tripod behind my subject and the last was nearly tipping over due to the rental breeze we had. In the end the photos came out great (although I wish I used a little less fill) and pretty unique.



I also got a fun photo of my dog enjoying the early afternoon sun. :-)


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