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Hello again!

This week the YogaSlackers Sam and Kathryn made a stop in Asheville and gave me the chance to do some out of the ordinary portraits. The YogaSlackers are a group of my friends that have found balance in slacking. They travel the world doing expedition style adventure races, teaching yoga slack lining and acro-yoga, as well as just doing good.

Initially I had big plans for portraits in the yoga studio with high ceilings and hardwood floors. When I found out they decided to move the workshop they were doing outside it was time to get creative. After spending a few hours watching them set up and start teaching I knew what photos I wanted to capture and just where to photograph them. My house sits quite literally on the side of a mountain and we have a HUGE window that faces east. Every afternoon when the sun sets I watch as the mountain to the east is basked in this beautiful enveloping warm light. Every afternoon I think to myself how can I use that in a photograph. The only problem is the light is available for about 10 minutes before its gone and the mountain is lit with only the afterglow of the sky. After dinner I quickly set up my lights and got to work. It was no easy task, I had one light mounted 10 feet up in a tree, another on a tripod behind my subject and the last was nearly tipping over due to the rental breeze we had. In the end the photos came out great (although I wish I used a little less fill) and pretty unique.



I also got a fun photo of my dog enjoying the early afternoon sun. :-)


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Budget Strobist

Hello again!

Its hard to believe that a week has past since I launched my website and posted my first blog entry. A lot has happened in that short time. I have set up all of my social media profiles across the inter-web and am branching out. If your interested in following me here are the sites that I subscribe to: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Flikr. I have also started following other bloggers and came across one that I had forgotten about. This Blog is published by David Hobby and great for anyone that wants to learn how to become a budget strobist.

I started my budget strobist career while in college when I wanted to learn how to create some dramatically lit photos. Since then there has been an ebb and flow with me when it comes wanting to light my subjects. I love natural light and you can do wonders with it once you learn how to “see the light.” But I also love setting up “complex” lighting scenario’s and trying to duplicate other lighting technics I have seen. Since finding David Hobby’s website my desire has been relit and I have been trying to find ways to shoot at least one photo that is light with my small strobist kit.

My kit includes everything from light modifiers to stands to optical slaves to colored gels. The meat and potatoes behind it though is this; One Vivitar 285HV that was handed down to me, one Yongnuo YN460 that I recently purchased (pretty good value), and when I need something REALLY bright one Alien Bee B800. I have a few other lights but these three make up the bulk of my kit. For syncing I recently switched over from optical slaves to radio slaves and I have to say, going cordless is the way to go. Even with my optical slaves I had to have one light connected to my camera either by sync cord or mounted on the hot shoe.

 This weeks engagement shoot was with Debbie and Holger Wentzel. They were great! I was forewarned that Holger is a bit camera shy and by the end of the day you would never have guessed. This image was lit with my budget strobist kit. I had two lights shot through a translucent umbrella to camera right and in the background I had another light splash behind them. My goal was to drop ambient exposure a few stops but still have separation with the background. It was surprisingly bright and thats what facilitated using two lights through the umbrella. I really could have used my mono light but there was no power near by. It also kept the refresh rate of the lights pretty short. The image was shot with my Nikon D700 and 80-200 at 200mm. Exposure was ISO 200 1/200th at f/5.6.

I think there will be more strobist style photos in the future!


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