Street Portraits part II

Hello again!

I wasn’t planning on doing back to back blog posts on Street Portraits but after last week I wanted to show you some of the street portraits that I had got back from the lab. These were also shot with my Mamiya RB67 with Kodak new Portra 400. This is my absolute favorite color negative film.

Street Portraits: Barcode
Barcode is living in a little trailer near Commercial Street in Springfield, MO. His landlord, High Priest, introduced him to me. I asked about the names and he told me “If you live on Commercial Street long enough you get a street name. Barcode is his street name.”


Street Portraits: High Priest
High Priest has a storied background who has been living near Commercial Street in Springfield, MO for over 26 years. He moved there because he has a tool and die company behind his house and it was too noisy for a residential area. He also owned a parcel of land where he rents a small trailer to Barcode. The land, not far from his front door, has everything on it from scrap metal, to stray cats, to old moving trucks.


Street Portraits: Underpass
A man stops for a beer and a smoke on a hot day at an underpass in Springfield, MO.


Street Portraits: Chris
Chris was walking around downtown Detroit when I ran into him. I asked him what he did before he retired and he told me he wrote schedules for trains and busses for the City of Detroit. This morning he was out for a cup of coffee and stopped to let me take his photo.



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