Portrait Lens

Hello again!

I know I am a bit late updating my blog. I had a lot around the house I had to do and put this on the back-burner for a few days. I am excited to update though because I finally got it; My Portrait lens. It is the Nikon Nikkor 85 f/1.4D. I had put in an order for the 85 f/1.8G but I grew impatient. I am so glad I purchased this lens though. Here is just a few images from this week (received it on Wednesday, so these have all been shot in the past 2 days!). I know I will be using this lens more and more throughout my work. It just has a distinct look that is hard to create using any other len. I also decided to try something a little different, I am used a few Nik filters on some of the images. They are plug-ins that are used in Lightroom to create highly stylized photos or to mimic film. Let me know what you think.


My first image taken with my new to me 85 f/1.4D

Lila on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Lila on the Blue Ridge Parkway edited with the Nik plug-in.

A quick snap shot of Melody and Lila with my new 85 f/1.4D portrait lens.

Another snap shot of Melody but processed with the Nik plug-in.



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