It’s finally here…

Hello World!

Hello world is right! I finally got the gusto to launch a website and blog. If some of you can’t tell I used WordPress to help me design my site. Their first post for everyone’s site that is “Hello World!” and I thought to myself, ‘finally, I am reaching out, hello world is right.’ Anyway here is a little info for you about the website and blog. I set this up so YOU the reader could see what I am up to photographically. My goal is to update the blog about once a week, hopefully. I know what your thinking, only 52 entries a year, no problem man… If you notice I am slacking be sure to drop me a note (you can reach me on the contact/info page). I will try to feature a photo that I have taken and give a little note about it.

The galleries page will be online and displaying some of my work soon. I plan on making a few different galleries to showcase various subjects including travel, sports, weddings and much more. If you have any suggestions for me feel free to send them via the “comments” section below.

With out further adieu my first post!

As some of you know I moonlight as an airline pilot during the week. I decided to re-create an image the other night I had taken following a conversation with a friend who liked it. He even suggested I put it in my portfolio. (Just-in-kase you are curious as to who made me re-shoot this image you can click here.) Well the light made the original image hard to recreate and I decided to start experimenting. I will not go into the details of how it was actually captured but I will say this: Nikon D700 24mm lens ISO 1600 @f/2.8 for 1 second with only moonlight. I actually got a few awesome ones from this set of photos and was quite surprised when I finally opened them up on the computer. It sure was fun!


Captain Russel Jones lands a CRJ-200 at the Atlanta airport.

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  1. adam March 11, 2012 at 10:51 #

    i have a suggestion. go climbing with us. excellent photo ops for your Sports section

  2. Justin Kase Conder March 11, 2012 at 15:35 #

    Ha! Awesome brotha man! Make me happy to know that someone actually pays attention to all that hot air I blow ( ;